As far as where money going – last month:

Gasoline: $460 (we did take two road trips because my father passed away last month – so probably an extra $200 there that was not usual) Insurance (auto and renters) – $160 Car payments – $480.

  • Clothes: $34
  • Debt: $300
  • Tithe: $600
  • Entertainment – $274 (ugh)

Eating out (including kids school lunches) – $360 (ugh) $120 is kids lunches
and probably another $100 is the road trips to my dad’s – McDonalds even
adds up with hungry teens. Ate at my sisters as much as we could, but felt
bad with adding 7 people to her bill.

  • Groceries – $1082.32
  • Presents (easter) – $15.25
  • Rent – $2100
  • Maintenance for house – $31.52 (we had to purchase a drill to weather stop a
  • Personal Care – $24.25
  • Savings – $460

And I’m spending about $1300 more than I took in….. somehow we squeaked
through…. Help and bother. I can see where to cut out entertainment, but
I tried cutting all of it out for about a year and heard great depression
among the troops. Eating out – I tried making kid’s lunches and was so
exhausted at the end of the day after making 7 lunches and it cost about the
same as the $2 they pay. Groceries…. I cook healthy as much as possible
(hubby diabetic), but purchasing meat is killing me. I don’t have a
freezer, so buying a whole cow at a time has daunted me…. Groceries = $250
to 300 a week with meat – $170 without. I don’t make mac n’ cheese and top
ramen (the cheapies) because the high sodium and junk food not good for
hubby (heart disease and diabetes).

Gas and electric is not usually that much – this is a new home for us and we
had the heat running while moving in / out for two houses – could not freeze
grandma just out of the hospital. It should even out to about $100 or less
over the summer). But winter kills!!!!

  • Garbage collection – $30
  • Gas / Electric – $390
  • Internet / home phone – $157 (high speed internet at home required by my
    job, but they don’t pay for it yet, and I had to pay for moving Comcast to
    new address)
  • Cell phones – $25 (my work pays $30 of my cell phone bill in exchange for
    owning my soul 24×7)
  • Water – $60

Internet and phone are killer and we have no cable TV. Comcast bites!!
Qwest was no better. We could do without the phone, but the kids and
grandma need something to dial 911 when we (and the cell phones) are not

I “borrow” from savings to make stuff work most every month and feel
guilty. Something’s gotta go!! Help!!!! The other thing that scares me is
that hubby’s work is not altogether dependable, as he is sick a lot and
usually out of sick leave / vacation. (Had surgery recently and had to go
through FMLA papers so he would keep his job). We need to be able to live
on my income, as I am the healthy one.

Somehow, we survived on a lot less money too, because I made half as much
last year. I honestly have no idea how we did it!!!!! We never starved and
kept the utilities / rent paid up.

There are no “minimum” payments on our debts that we can even expect to
reach. The student loans are in deferment (?) but the payment is about $700
a month. Everything else is “due in full NOW.” (Yeah, right!)