Just my two cents. :)

Well, if it were me the first thing I’d do is stop investing for awhile. Not permanently but until the debt is paid off. I’d work my butt off to get $1,500 to $2,000 for a baby emergency fund and keep the house, cars, and utilities current and every one fed (cheaply) and gas in the vehicles.

You don’t say what your rent/mortgage is or whether the debts (lawyers, medical, tuition, lease fee and the dumb credit accounts) you listed are being paid on or languishing. If they aren’t being paid on, where is your money going?

Do you need all three vehicles? If not, sell one or two of them and put that money first into the emergency savings and then into debt. Just my two cents. 🙂

We have the emergency fund, and the house, cars, utilities are current. (Except for last month when the heat bill was HUGE and I paid half one paycheck and the other half now.

Rent is $2100 (ouch) for which my mother contributes $600 in exchange for room and board. Being a large family, housing has been tough and we are stuck in this location because of ex-spouses/custody limitations. Groceries are the bane of my existence – $250 to 300 a week to keep three adult and five growing teens fed healthy. And gas @$3.50/gallon and rising…. We bus to work.

I am paying small amounts on all debts and focusing on one at a time to make larger payments, but getting discouraged. We need two of the cars – SUV to accomodate the whole family for church and such, and one smaller car for driving to the park and ride for work and errands (SUV drinks gas). I am trying to dump the other car, but it does not seem to sell. Kids being teens will want to be driving soon, and I also don’t want them driving the SUV (too big, too easy to roll, etc).

I would get in touch with the student loans now, and make some sort of arrangements. Because they can and will come after you with a vengenance, and they don’t care about other obligations, they are getting very aggressive. But if you get in touch with them now, there are things that can be done.