Need Help to save my home

I had many expenses in recent months mostly due to medical problems with one of my children. During this time I made terrible decisions concerning my finances. I fell 3 months behind on my mortgage and took out an equity loan which is now behind also. I made arrangements to pay back my mortgage and now cannot pay that.

I also have fell behind on my electric,gas, etc. bills. I cannot sell my house because I have 5 children living at home. My income is not bad, but I cannot catch up fast enough to save my home at the rate I am going. Is there any help for someone in my position? I am too stressed at this point to try to solve this by myself. I would greatly appreciate any advise on this. Thanks very much.

Sorry, I can’t give you much first post here was just a few days ago because,like you I feel so desperate. I know that the people here will give you some good advice. My problems also started from medical bills due to accident my son had.When I found this board, it was such a relief. Even though I wouldnt wish the stress of debt on my worst enemy, it does somehow help to know that you are not the only person in the world in this boat. I just hope to have “peace of mind” at some time but it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did several loans myself and paid that ridiculous interest every payday…then in Dec. lost my job and have only sent each place 20.00. Talk about a humiliating experience!

Good luck…like someone told me as far as the bill collectors “they can’t eat you”…not much comfort I know..but its true..feel free to e.mail me for support.

I have not personally been in your shoes so I feel my advise might be simplistic and unrealistic but it might be a place to start. Hopefully someone with experience with this will reply and have better answers.

The first thing I would do is sell everything you can. Clothes that don’t fit right, knicknacks that you don’t really need, books, cds, everything that you can live without. Ebay seems to be the best option to turn a profit and what doesn’t sell on ebay you can put in a garage sale.

The next thing you could do, (with five kiddos at home it may not be possible) a second job can help. A job that you can get tips from is even better. Three or four nights a week for a few months could really turn things around.

Don’t give up hope, people do pull themselves back up from this kind of thing. You and your family will be in my prayers.