I have some questions for you

  • Do you also have credit card bills?
  • Is the daughter (who moved back) a college graduate?
  • Does she work full time?

I have some questions for you, so I and others in this blogĀ can get
a better understanding of how to help.
As the more significant thing, if she is still living in your home, how much the bills do you make her foot? After all some of it should be her responsibilty as an adult (it would be if she lived somewhere else) She can be helpful, knowing that if she isnt, she won’t have a place to live soon either.

What other annoyances happened that caused this major mortgage problem. For that amount of financial stress, my intuition tells me they were more than just little annoyances. There is plenty of great advice to get here at this blogĀ -it takes guts to seek help and advice for financial problems. Most of us have been there and can relate!

Well, that’s similar to the message I have been hearing on the news.
Now that gas prices are down consumers will “help the economy” and buy more.

The price for regular in this area is still $2.84. That’s better than over $3.00, but still high. Even if gas prices dropped drastically, I am not going on any spending spree.

I helped the boy scounts this moring and stopped at thier yard sale. Got a brand new desk lamp for $4.00. It actually takes a 100 watt bulb, unlike many new ones that only take 60 watt or less. Also got some good hardback books.

There have no credit card bills! We paid them off and cut them up when we bought our house almost two years ago.

My daughter just finished her first year off college. She went out of state to attend college. She was like every child and couldn’t wait to get out on her own. She missed home more than she thought and during spring break came home to visit and mentioned she wanted to move back and go to college locally. The few weeks following spring break two girls had been raped. The last incident made my daughter hysterical and we had her on a plane the next day. My daughter is working now, but is trying to stay under full time so we can keep her on our insurance and we won’t have a problem when she returns to college.

As for the annoyances, before my daughter came home we had issues with the septic tank that used what savings we had and then some. There was then the plane ticket to bring our daughter and her belongings home, then my other daughter needed all four wisdom teeth pulled, then my son decided to peel the stripping off the refridgerator door and that had to be replaced, then add the fact it’s summer and utility bills just about doubled and being one month behind they are astronimical, out of state family visiting and we had to keep groceries in the house…….see where I’m going with this? lol

We haven’t been spending our money foolishly, just a series of things one on top of another and now school has started and we got the must haves to get them in school. We are now three months behind on the mortgage and juggling utility bills to keep them on.

That’s my story in a nutshell. My husband is employed and makes a good salary, we were living paycheck to paycheck fine and able to set aside money for our savings. It’s just difficult to build an adequate savings in less than two years. The little annoyances aren’t bad when you have a savings but when there isn’t anything there……

We have thought of borrowing money from family but at 40 and 45 years old, it’s embarrassing. We sit in this beautiful new home and I’m sure somebody would be rolling their eyes at us. I’m positive at this point our credit is ruined and haven’t even bothered going to a bank to see about a personal loan. The house being less than two years old has no equity, anyways.